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  The technology center of Beijing Power Equipment Group Co., Ltd.(BPEG) highlights self-dependent innovation and drives the enterprise developing with advanced technology. The self-developed technology on grinding and powdering is kept in pace with the international level with respect to environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency; the self-developed steam tube dryer is the first of its kind patented in China and characterized by outstanding technological and economical performance; the self-developed BRM-type vertical mill has an excellent technology and the economic advantage; the self-developed UHV dry-type smoothing reactor, with maximum voltage of ±800kv, is the first one in the world, and hence filling in a couple of technological gas in international power grid high-end products; the self-developed products of wholly continuous enclosed bus meet the high-end demand of the thermal power, the hydroelectric and the nuclear power units; the first evaporative cooling direct-driven permanent magnet wind generator, using the world's third generation of power generating technology and bearing the highest power of 2 MW, remedies the technological defects of the former two generations of products; and series design and new technological reserve have been finished in the other leading products in recent years.


  Internal Structure: The technology center (qualified in 2009 by the Beijing Municipal Technology Center) of Beijing Power Equipment Group (BPEG) consists of the electromechanical research institute, the electrical power and apparatus institute, the information center, the testing and verifying center and the technology administration office.



  External Situation: We have set up innovation platforms jointly with domestic and overseas companies and organizations, including the R & D centers of localized equipment approved by the NDRC such as “Zhongguanghe Nuclear Equipment Localization Joint R & D Center” and “UHV Power Grid Localization Equipment R & D Center”, the technology R & D centers concerning certain projects with a long-term cooperation with the internal scientific research organization, such as “UHV Transmission and Power Transfer Technology Center”, which is established with the support of Chinese Power Science Academy, Chinese Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Scientific Research Academy, etc. We have also established the long-term technical cooperation projects with some well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology and Xi’an Jiaotong University, and many of technical experts in the technology center are from these universities. The open system of the cooperation in production-education-research constitutes the major guarantee for quick response to the changes of the market and the promoting of various innovations.


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