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Talent concept

Talent concept


  NO1、 Talent team

  Beijing Power Equipment Group Co.,Ltd. has more than 2000 employees engaged in R & D, design and manufacturing. It has a large number of R & D and technical personnel in the power equipment manufacturing industry, comprehensive and professional operation and service personnel, high-quality compound management personnel and experienced technical workers.

  1. Talent concept

  In the new century when the knowledge economy has replaced the industrial economy as the mainstream feature, BPEG is more committed to "taking talents as the foundation and the source of enterprise development", and pays more attention to the "three park culture" of the enterprise to guide and motivate the staff and smooth the talent channel. With "professional and technical leaders" and "a, B, C level expert team" and other incentive modes to build a platform for personnel training and training, and guided by major engineering projects at home and abroad and internal innovation and development goals of enterprises, it provides broad development space for domestic and foreign people who are willing to grow together with BPEG.

  2. Talent view

  Talent is the first resource of an enterprise

  Talent is the first resource of an enterprise - that is, to establish the concept of "talent is the wealth resource of an enterprise", which is the foundation of establishing an enterprise and the source of developing an enterprise. The concept of talent includes four meanings: first, the person who can complete his own work is a talent, and the person who can surpass himself and accomplish the task excellently is excellent talent; Second, we should take the road of combining introduction with self-cultivation, attach importance to the internal training of enterprises, advocate learning from doing and learning to do, carry out career planning and design, smooth the channels for talent development, and build three teams, that is, to cultivate a middle-level cadre team with a high sense of career, a sense of responsibility and strong management ability, a backbone team of technical personnel who understand technology and are good at development The third is to create a growth environment for talents from spirit to material, from system to policy, and to establish a salary mechanism in line with the market; The fourth is to establish a smooth channel for talent selection, implement the leadership accountability system for abnormal brain drain, provide qualified talents for the development of enterprises, and provide excellent talents for the superior authorities and the country.

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