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Main business
Current-Limiting Reactor
Along with the increase in voltage level of power transmission lines, adding current-limiting reactor to limit the short-circuit current has become the most convenient, economical, and reliable method to maintain the power grid stabilization. We've been leading in developing air-core reactors with the highest voltage level and capacity domestically. BPEG produced the 500kV current-limiting reactor independently in 2012, which achieved the maximum reactor capacity in the world.
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Mid-speed ZGM series Vertical Mill
BPEG is a well-known professional manufacturer of mid-speed roller coal mill both at home and abroad. BPEG has designed and manufactured 8 types and 73 specifications of ZMG coal mill, which has the strengths of wide applicability to different coal types, high pulverizing efficiency, low power consumption, long operating life, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance.
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Steam Tube Dryer
ZGG steam tube dryer which individually developed by BPEG and has obtained invention patent is a closed indirect heat exchanger. In October 2008, first ZGG5*8 type steam tube dryer come into operation in Datang Duolun Coal liquefaction project. The product adopts indirect drying form which can dry lignite,semi-coke and other materials. The product has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, low power consumption and wide application.
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BRM Vertical Mill
BPEG has independently developed more than 10 types and 2 series of BRM type raw mill and slag mill,which can provide energy saving, high-quality, stable and reliable hi-tech product for cement industry, metallurgy and other industries. The product can adapt to difficult to grind material such as anthracite, petroleum coke, and slag and has the advantages of large output.
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Steam Turbine
BPEG has been researching and designing boiler feed-water pump turbine (BFPT) since 1983, and has formed the serialized products to equip 200MW to 600MW unit. Today, approximately 500 sets of turbines are in operation domestically. Our products are well known for high market share and good customer feedback. Besides typical BFPT, we can also design turbine according to customers' requirements.
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Electronic Belt Scale Coal Feeder
Since the first DPG50 Weigh belt coal feeder manufactured in 1994, BPEG has developed a series of products with mature technology, reliable operation and stable performance. As the main coal feeding equipment used in conjunction with coal mill, the product has the advantages of pressure resistance, energy saving and environment protection.
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Vertical Bevel – Planetary Gearbox
The self-developed new generation SXJ series high-efficiency planetary gearbox is driving equipment, specially matched with Mid-speed ZGM Series roller mill, which is manufactured by Beijing Power Equipment Group.
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Dry Type Air Core Shunt Reactors
Epoxy glass fiber wet winding technology is adopted for the coil, modeling in integral by the high temperature curing. The product is cooled by way of nature cross-ventilation and has the features such as low loss, low noise, high dynamic and thermal stability, high reliability, easy to assemble and maintain, good linearity, etc.. It is the most advanced technology in China.
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Smoothing Reactor
Smoothing reactor is used in DC circuit to be in series with current converter. Its function is to restrain the DC side current and voltage impulse of current converter. Smoothing reactor is significant major equipment in DC converter stations. We've accomplished developing and manufacturing of 12 types of dry-type air- core reactors including smoothing, shunt, series, filtering, current-limiting, testing, and damping reactor.
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Arc Suppression Coil
BPEG is the earliest domestic manufacturer of arc suppression coil, and has rich experience in production and technology development. In 1993, we produced the first on-load arc suppression coil in China, and in 1996 we developed the first domestic set of arc-extinction ground-connected compensator.
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Iron Core Reactor
BPEG is the earliest domestic iron core reactor manufacturer, and has accomplished development of serialized products of 34 specifications including cast resin dry type iron core reactor and oil-immersed iron-core shunt reactor. We're leading in designing methods, manufacturing level, and testing capabilities in this industry.
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Power Line Carrier Equipment
BPEG has developed two line trap series of two models with 28 dimensions., which take the lead in the same industry internationally.
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Hydraulic Coupling
The self-developed hydraulic coupling has the features of high speed, high power, sensitive speed regulation and cost efficiency, and has received the national patent (The patent name: Direct pulling type speed regulation device of hydraulic coupling, and the patent number: ZL2008 2 0122800.0).
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Asynchronous Motor
YMKQ type (Air-air Cooling) and YMSQ type (Air-water Cooling) high starting torque asynchronous high-voltage motor developed by Beijing Power Equipment Group independently is a coal mill special matching motor.
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